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Printing is typically the third-largest office expense behind rent and payroll. Do you know how much your company is spending? If you’re not already auditing your material costs, it’s time to start saving.

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"As we all know, service is the key to successful copier management and we have been very pleased with our level of service from A&B throughout the years. This is evident by the length of time that we have been with them."

Paul J. Lundberg
Business Manager, Brandon Valley School District

For over 30 years, A&B Business has helped businesses equip and streamline their offices by focusing on two things: great brands and even greater service.

Managed Services

A&B's Managed Services are designed to do one thing: save your company time and money. If you’re not already auditing your document costs, it’s time to start saving some money.

Supplies & Furniture

Our supply and furniture catalogs are filled with the products you’ll need to make everyone efficient, comfortable and ready to work - from pencils and pens to complex workspaces.

Coffee & Water

Whether you’re impressing clients or keeping your workforce happy, A&B Business is here to make sure everyone stays hydrated, caffeinated, and at their peak.

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Case Study: Creative Printing Finds Speed & Reliability with the Ricoh C-751

Creative Printing’s machines were old, unreliable, and no longer able to meet the expectations of their clients. They had projects come up that needed additional throughput speed to meet their client’s deadlines. It was time for an upgrade! Not only were the machines unreliable but the company realized that it was time to take their digital printing to the next level. This meant a machine with tight registration, near offset-quality prints, and designed for longer runs with less maintenance and service calls.

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